So, How Is Everyone?

We’re all good? Happy, shiny people? Awesome.

I’m undertaking the incredibly epic project of reviewing and rewriting Origins of The Paladin. Its printed out and sitting next to me right now. Size 12 Courier font, double spaced…194 pages. Its a little daunting.

As the stories are edited, revised and rewritten (something I honestly should have done before publishing them), I’ll be putting them up on the site, and turning on comments for the stories. Just so you people can read and share your opinions on the final, completed versions of the story.

Don’t expect a lot to change. This is mainly to help clean up grammar, spelling and other issues. Not a terrible lot of rewriting is planned at the moment, as I am quite happy with how the story turned out, but there will be some additional fleshing out of moments. This project is also to help me get back in the mindset to finish “Legacy of The Paladin”. I’ve also been looking into rewriting “Origins of The Paladin” in a comic script format, and have about half of Act I rewritten as such, so if you’re a comic publisher or an artist, drop me a line and lets work something out!

So, leave comments! Tell me what you think!! And if you enjoyed “Origins of The Paladin”, go check out my on-going web comic Wiik Sauce at Stink Child Comics. Its good times!

Yes, comments on all new posts is enabled! Also, the Legacy Act I preview has been moved over to the sidebar, with the rest of the stories.

I Live Still/Again

Further proof that I’m not dead:Act I, Part 1 and 2 of Legacy Of The Paladin after the jump.

More to come soon, I hope. Leave comments and tell me what you think.

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An Update

Just to let you guys know, “The Legacy of The Paladin” is almost completely plotted, which means the actual writing of the project will begin soon.

New shirt (shirts?) on the way soon.

Not Dead…Yet

Still alive, technically.

New Paladin stuff coming very, very soon. Thanks for still coming guys, sorry its been such a let down. Be sure to go read my web comic, Wiik Sauce, over on Stink Child Comics.

Legacy Of The Paladin story teasers posted!!

Check out the new page on the side….story teasers have been posted for the upcoming Paladin story, “Legacy Of The Paladin”!!

Go buy a shirt!! The current shirts will be discontinued soon and new Legacy shirts will be up…

1,000+ Reads!



According to that little doo-hickey down there, over 1,000 page views on The Paladin Online.

According to WordPress’ BlogStats feature, my views aren’t counted, and several unique IPs (no, I cannot see your IPs) have viewed the stories.

Translation: Holy shit, you people are actually reading this.

Thank you so, so, so, so much to the people who have read this. I’m working on releasing Origins as a novel, and Legacy is about to start going into production (I may knock out a separate, totally different, completely unrelated project first).

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Yup. Fin. The End. All Good Things.

Is this really the end of Paladin? Not really. There are sequels planned, but it will be some time before they go ito production. I’ll post more information about those later.

Is this the end of The Origins of The Paladin? Pretty much. Keep your eyes peeled for an epilogue, which will be your branching between this and the sequel, tentatively titled “The Legacy of The Paladin”

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported (or ridiculed me) throughout this. I’d list them here, but honestly it is far too many to name, and honestly I’d forget somebody. But you know who you all are, and I cannot thank you enough.

This is not the end of The Paladin Online. Please continue to donate, or buy some merchandise. Other movement will be made regarding the character, and in a few months you can look forward to Legacy, which will have a much more stable release schedule.

I hope you enjoy the end of Origins of The Paladin. This is truly the fruition of a dream years in the making, and I’m glad I can share it with you. Thanks for visiting.

God bless, and enjoy the stories.

J. Christopher Baggett